Exclusivity and originality in Bromont

Are you looking for exclusivity and originality in fashion? A stop in at the M et Mme Swell Boutique in Bromont is just what you need!

Everything is original at this women’s and men’s clothing boutique which has been open since 2021. The location:  M et Mme Swell is located in an ancestral house in the picturesque setting of Old-Bromont. The boutique’s decor: inside, the omnipresence of wood offers a unique charm. The products: women’s clothing  and men’s clothing are carefully selected. The buyers pay close attention to the quality of the fabrics. They also look at the exclusivity of the pieces. Result: M et Mme Swell offers unique pieces in Canada.

Exclusivity and originality of accessories

M et Mme Swell is much more than just clothing for women and men. Here, every piece of clothing can be completed with an accessory or a piece of jewelry that is both exclusive and unique.

In addition to the sale of exclusive clothing, M et Mme Swell specializes in the creation of custom accessories for women and men. Scarves, hats, shirts, and bow ties are made in the store’s workshop under the Swell Follow brand name.

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